Transformative Healing

I have developed the concept of transformative healing in response to the amazing changes I have been honoured to witness in the clients who come to Dublin Reiki for both Reiki or intuitive energy healing treatments and the work with DoTerra essential oils.

What I have seen is that the combination of Reiki/intuitive energy healing and the essential oils supports the healing process more than when these treatments are used on their own. The oils enhance the energy flow and the energy flow in turn enhances the healing abilities of the oils.

The transformative healing treatment is good for anyone. Whether you want to increase health and well-being, whether you want to regain balance and strength, whether you want to take some time out for yourself to get away from the worries and stresses of your daily life for a little while and rediscover inner peace and tranquility, whether you feel it is time for some change in your life or whether there is something you want to work on may it be to do with your physical health or your emotional well-being, – you will be amazed at what this treatment can do for you.

All you need to do is enter the sacred space with me and entrust yourself to the process. Then what we need to work on will naturally come to the surface and the right oil or combination of oils will find you.

Contact me today to find out more or to book your first ever transformative healing session. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.