The purpose of this page is to display feedback from my past and present clients. Please send an email with your feedback to healingwithmelanie@gmail.com. The feedback published on this site will never identify a client. Thank you so much.

I really did get a lot out of the Reiki session, the feeling I had was a sense of calm brought to me .It was like tension that had built up through not understanding the different energies that I was feeling so strongly have been leveled out with a feeling of clarity and understanding. The session gave me an insight into the power that Reiki holds. I m glad we worked well together and I’m looking forward to the journey of healing and working with you.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my reiki session with you yesterday. I felt so relaxed and today I definitely feel more energised. I also enjoyed talking to you and your words seemed to make so much sense to me. I am so glad I have booked a course of four sessions and am looking forward to my next reiki in February. Take care and continue your wonderful work!

I just want to say thanks for doing the mindfulness course with me again and especially thank you for your help yesterday. You are very perceptive and I felt like you were the first person to understand and not judge me. You are a true healer.

I really enjoyed your wonderful and inspirational teachings om Mindfulness Meditation and all your advice over the last four weeks. My best wishes and love to you.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the treatment and talking with you last Sat week. It really was excellent and I hope to book a follow-up after Christmas.

Thank you for the wonderful Reiki treatment and the consultation afterwards. The treatment was a relaxing experience and I could feel the energy-flow all the time. Reiki is an amazingly powerful tool, and I have decided to do my Reiki level I workshop with you.

Thank you for my reiki treatment today, it was exactly what I needed!! Your words afterwards were very comforting and encouraging, it is lovely to hear what the healer has felt intuitively during a healing. I certainly got a lot from today so thank you again and it was really lovely to meet you 🙂 Hopefully we will meet again.

Melanie, thank you for having been there for me when I was really down. I feel that the Reiki sessions and our conversations with you have helped me to relax, to let go of old pain, to see more clearly where I am at and to be confident enough to take the necessary steps in order to change those things in my life I feel need changing. Thank you for making me a happier person.

I had consulted many GPs and holistic practitioners before I decided to make an appointment with Melanie. I had been living with severe migraine and tension headaches for more than 20 years at that stage. When I arrived at Melanie’s premises, I did not know what to expect as I had never received a Reiki session before. And I felt that this was the last thing I would try to fix my problems. Melanie is such a gentle, kind, loving and sensitive person! We spent the first couple of minutes talking about me and my life, and I was surprised how open I felt towards her. I felt I could tell her anything. The Reiki treatment itself took part afterwards and for about an hour. During the treatment Melanie placed her hands on different parts of my body. The whole experience was brilliant: I have no words to describe what I felt, but there was definitely something I could feel flowing from Melanie’s hands into my body. I felt very relaxed within minutes. And the lovely therapy room, nice relaxing music in the background and the very comfortable massage table were wonderful as well. I felt great after the session. Melanie recommended a set of four sessions. I went back to her for three more sessions. I received my last session two weeks ago – and I have not had any migraine or headaches since. Other things have changed as well. I feel more positive about my life and more self-confident at work. I do believe that Reiki has made a huge difference to many areas of my life, although I initially went because of my migraine and headaches. Thank you, Melanie.

Work is really awful. There are days when I want to quit. Reiki treatments are a relaxing experience for me. They seem to give me some energy and some inner peace after a long day at work. When I go home I feel a bit more whole again. Thank you, Melanie, for showing me the importance of living in the present moment.

After four sessions of mindfulness meditation with you I feel less worried, less anxious, can concentrate much better on my work and am able to sleep from 11pm to when the alarm goes off in the morning. You have changed my life.