1. Making an appointment:
    See contact details below. Please tell me what is happening for you, what therapy or course you are interested in and what is a good time too contact you.
  2. Times:
    Please make sure that you are on time for your appointment. If you are early, you can take a seat in the waiting area at reception. Please give me a call if you are running late. Please give me a call if you cannot find the clinic so that I can give you further directions. If you have to cancel an appointment please make sure to do so as soon as possible. Please be aware that there is a cancelation fee of 50 % for appointments canceled later than 24 hours before the appointment.
  3. Duration of our work:
    The duration of our work depends on the therapy or course you have chosen and your own progress.Reiki can be used as a once-off-treatment promoting relaxation and well-being. But Reiki can do much more than that. For those who have decided to do Reiki as a form of therapy I recommend 4 sessions to begin with.

    All Reiki workshops take two days.

    A course in Autogenic Training takes eight weeks (one session per week). After that you can book in for single sessions.

    A course in Mindfulness Meditation takes four sessions (one session per week). After that you can book in for single sessions.

  4. Confidentiality:
    All therapy sessions and courses take place in confidentiality which means that your situation or what is happening in your therapy/during the course are never discussed with anyone else. However, confidentiality does not apply in cases where you are in danger of causing serious harm to yourself or others, you are in danger of being seriously harmed by another person or where I become aware that you are subject to violence. This is for your and for my own protection.