Essential oils

Essential oils are the compounds contained within the roots, flowers, seeds, bark, leaves and other parts of plants. These compounds are tiny molecules that give the plants their unique scent, protect them from harsh environmental conditions and insects and as such act as the plants’ immune system and even play a part in plant pollination.

These compounds, the essential oils, have always been extracted from plants and been used in health-care, in beauty treatments, in personal care, in religious ceremonies and rituals and food preparation.

Essential oils facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing and lead us by the hand on the journey towards fulfilling our highest potential.

Essential oils can be used topically. They can be used aromatically either by inhaling them directly or by diffusing them into the air with an oil diffuser. And some oils can even be taken internally.

When I was first introduced to certified pure therapeutic grade Essential oils from doTERRA many years ago, I immediately felt a very special and sacred connection with them and knew that I would want them to be both part of my own personal journey as well as my work with clients. This is why I underwent training in the Aroma Touch Technique, one way of working with the oils, and have been continuously doing training since.

At Dublin Reiki I want to share the amazing benefits of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils from doTERRA with you. I do this through Aroma Touch and through Transformative Healing and I bring the oils in during other treatments as well.

Please note that you can order any of the doTERRA products through me. You can also contact me if you would like to be enrolled as a member of doTERRA yourself.