The Importance Of Self-care

In this blog post we would like to talk about a topic that we feel is very important for most of our clients. The topic of self-care.

Many of us are very good at looking after others – their partner, their children, their siblings, their elderly parents, their friends,; even their neighbours or people in their community. And many people are looking after others in their professional role as doctor, consultant, nurse, healthcare assistant, carer or even teacher. Many of us feel that unless we can look after and care for other people our life is worthless. And many of us have forgotten how important it is to look after and care for ourselves too because only when we look after and care for ourselves can we be there for others and look after and care for them both in our own personal life or as part of our profession.

There are many ways to look after yourself.
– Maybe you like to integrate a meditation practice, it can be as short as 10 minutes, into your daily routine. You can find lots of guided meditations on the internet; all you have to do is sit down, switch the meditation on and follow the insctructions. One great resource for guided meditations is On her website you will find both short and long meditation practices.
– Maybe you feel it would be good to include some exercise into your daily routine. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise as much as it matters that you do exercise at all. So don’t tell yourself that you don’t have time to exercise – because it is not true, you do have time, and if you don’t find this time yet, you can certainly make the time. If you don’t want to exercise on your own, perhaps you can find a friend or family member who would like to do it with you. Another interesting thing to consider is to join a MeetUp group on where you will find like-minded people for whatever you would like to do.
– Maybe you would like to make a habit of going for a wellness treatment once a month: a Reiki treatment, a massage, a facial – something that is some time only for yourself, some time to experience inner peace in a calm and relaxing environment where you don’t have to think about anything, to control anything, to figure out anything, but where you can just be yourself and recharge your batteries.
– Maybe you want to take more time for things you really like doing but haven’t done in a while like reading a book or watching a movie or meeting up with friends more regularly. Again, it may feel like you don’t have the time to do any of that but you do have the time.

All the above is part of self-care because you come home to yourself and do something for yourself, to make yourself feel better, to help yourself to feel good. When you then return to the looking after and the caring you do, when you go back to the people who need and rely on you, you will do so with a lot more energy and a feeing of deep happiness because you yourself feel recharged and full of energy.

We hope you have found this post helpful. Good luck with your self-care! Your whole being will thank you for this.

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